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Preventing arson in the workplace

Useful tips on how to prevent arson in the workplace

 A shocking statistic in modern Britain is that arson has become one of the fastest growing crimes in the UK as a whole. In fact, around 2,100 fires each week in the UK are started deliberately, making arson the main cause of fire throughout the country and costing us all in the region of £40 million per week. – A high figure by anyone’s standards.

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But what is arson?

Arson can be defined as the crime of starting a fire with the intent to damage or destroy an item. It is often found that arson is targeted at properties, however, fires are also started in abandoned cars, rubbish skips, and any other items that the opportunistic criminal can find.

Aside from the financial repercussions of arson, it is also a crime that can damage irreplaceably personal possessions, or even worse, result in the injury of innocent people and even death.

Whilst this may seem frightening, there is lots of fire safety advice that fire wardens can follow to protect their workplace and community against this vicious and often deadly attack.

Often, noticing items that are a likely target and reporting them to the authorities is the easiest way to cut down on the chances of arson – This is something that would be covered in most fire warden training courses

These targets include; abandoned vehicles, fly tipped general waste, and also any household goods or furnishings that have been left outside. Removing these temptations is a sure way to reduce the chances of arson happening in your area.

What about closer to home?

In fact what about inside your own home? How can you protect not only your property, but the people and possessions that can be found inside there?

If you have a letterbox that is on your front door, or even one that sits outside your property then you should consider fitting a fireproof metal box to the inside of your letterbox. Another way to protect your home is to ensure that you have working fire alarms, and if you have the room, a fire extinguisher. These items need to be replaced/checked regularly and in order to be protected it is key to ensure that you are up to date with these checks.

Looking outside your home, is there anything else that you can do to prevent arson? 

Making sure that your rubbish bins are at a safe distance from your property is a great way to protect yourself from the risk fire, you can also install security lights to the outside of your property and keep all sheds and outbuildings locked.

Your car can also become a target for arson so it’s recommended to ensure that it is either parked on your drive, in a well lit area on the road, or even better inside a locked garage.

Being vigilant to the threat of arson is not only key in your own home but also in your wider community. You can keep those around you safe by being aware of any strangers or groups that may be found loitering in the area. If you are ever in doubt it is advisable to contact the police.

Just by following these key steps you can protect yourself against the horror of arson and keep your workplace, home and family safe.